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The northern Anhui Culture research centre has been  established since October 10, 2003.It¡¯s a comprehensive research institute, integrated by three different institutes (ancient book research institute, the Lao-Zhuang research institute, Northwest Anhui history culture research institute) and four liberal departments (English, history, politics and law, education) combining Bozhou and Fuyang to build the first research base of provincial colleges and universities of Humanities and Social Science. 
      The centre has an academic team of which is mainly the young and the middle aged and the scientific research structure is reasonable, inside and outside the existing college, 36 full-time or part-time researchers, among which are 9 professors, 16 associate professors, 7 doctors, 14 masters. It has provided a good academic platform for the research on the humanities and social scientific. At present, the centre has oriented research field towards the Ying-Huai culture, Fuyang and Suzhou dialect, and Guanzi¡¯s economic thought, which are all local characteristics research field. In the past 3 years, 15 various types of items have been under research in the centre and the researchers have published more than 20 articles in the publication and 7 academic monographs.                                                                                      more....
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